• Fri, Dec 30, 2016

    I’ve been thinking of technical debt lately, and came to extend some interesting (or at least cute) parallels:

    • Technical debt doesn’t just accumulate. It incurs interest, in form of dependencies that will break and will then need to be refactored to repay this debt in full.

    • Perhaps you can also default on technical debt. That’s when things get so much out of hand that you scrap the whole thing and rewrite/rebuild it from scratch. Engineers often love the “let’s rebuild it, for realsies this time!” approach. Having seen some shit, I don’t always disagree.

    • Finally… you can go technically bankrupt. That’s when you lose it completely, give up, flip the table, and fire up the ol’ QBASIC.

      10 PRINT "LOL"
      20 GOTO 10

    (If that’s you - maybe get help. Maybe from someone like me.)

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